⚪ FEATURE FILM (in pre-production) 
⚪ GENRE: Comedy/ Family/ Sports 
⚪ WRITER/ DIRECTOR: Yasu Tanaka 
⚪ Production: 42nd Pictures Sdn. Bhd. 
⚪ STORY: Celebrity father, a workaholic actor does not have time for daughter. He finds out that his daughter is into ice-skating and she’s taking lessons. He does not understand why his daughter is so passionate about skating as he assumes there is no serious skaters in Malaysia.  Later, he finds out that the rink is going to cancel an ice show that his daughter is looking forwards to performing so much. He then tries to help the event and support his daughter’s passion by performing a group skating program with his three friends who all have no idea how to skate as well. They start their training with help of a mysterious maintenance guy in the rink. Can they pull off the ice show
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